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If you love nature, you're in the right place


The sounds of nature are the perfect way to achieve a state of relaxation and calmness. They can be used both as a help in falling asleep, as well as during the day to create a peaceful atmosphere at home, at work, for studying, reading books, during meditation, yoga or Pilates.

Recordings of nature sounds are especially useful for people who do not have easy access to nature-interesting, secluded places, for sick people who have to stay in bed, and when the weather outside the window and the season do not let us leave the house.

Listening to the sounds of nature doesn’t absorb attention, doesn’t distract, and at the same time reduces access of irritating ambient sounds and noise to our awareness. Such 'natural music' reduces tension, improves blood circulation, evens out breathing, and additionally relieves mental tension and negative emotional states, reduces stress and improves concentration.

The gentle sounds of the natural environment bring listeners into a state of better well-being, especially those who have problems with rest and falling asleep. Sound therapy provides a feeling of harmony and pleasure thanks to a positive attitude to the world, helps to achieve inner peace, relaxation and self-confidence. It also supports the biological regeneration of the body, self-healing processes and gives positive energy to life.


My name is Greg and I live in Poland. I love watching and listening to nature.

I made my first video basically for myself. Thanks to it, on long winter evenings, I could think back to my home village, warmed by the rays of the summer sun, full of singing birds, buzzing insects and laughter of playing children. It turned out that the recording uploaded to YouTube was watched by many other people besides me. From the messages I got from them, I learned that some people would not be able to go to the bosom of nature on their own due to serious health problems, lack of time or place of residence. So I decided to make more videos that also found their audience. And so it goes on until today.

The natural world fascinates me. I love hiding with the camera somewhere in the complete wilderness and soaking up for hours not only the wonderful images and sounds, but also the accompanying peculiar smells of herbs, flowers, resin or steaming earth, feeling the particles of water droplets splashing on the stones in mountain streams, or succumb to the gusts of wind that rock the grain ears like sea waves. Sometimes when I finish recordings I just feel intoxicated with nature and I don't feel like going back to civilization at all.

The forest plays a special role in my life. Since I was a child, I grew up next to the forest, and often literally in the forest, so it's no wonder that I feel completely natural there. I have the impression that the trees are some kind of cover for me, both literally and figuratively. They protect me from the sight of unwanted people as effectively as from bad energy and everyday problems. I felt it intuitively as a child, although at that time I couldn't even name it properly. Today I know this for sure, because many scientific studies have been written on this subject. It turned out that someone wise called it a forest bath. Let them be, there is something in it, since I always come out of the woods noticeably lighter, as if I had actually washed something off of me.

I am also drawn to abandoned places, absorbed by nature, that used to teem with life, people worked and played here, children were born, and no one sensed that suddenly it could all end. Podkarpacie, where I live, is a region strongly marked by history. A hundred years ago Poles, Jews, Ukrainians and Germans lived here side by side. It was not always an easy neighborhood, but it was only the events of the World War I and II that caused a real hecatomb to roll through this area. Buildings were burning, inhabitants were killed or displaced. Entire villages disappeared from the map, leaving only remnants of rubble, roadside crosses and fruit trees growing in the middle of the forest. When I go there with the camera, I feel a bit like entering a large cemetery where you have to behave appropriately.

I invite everyone to my world and I'm glad that there are people for whom the same things are important as for me. Each message from you gives me motivation to continue working, although I must admit that it is still probably the best job on earth.

If you have such an opportunity, I encourage you not only to watch nature recordings on the screen, but also to use every opportunity to go into the field yourself and feel the bond with mother earth with all your senses. Don't put it off for later, because you don't know if everything will still be in place tomorrow, you don't know if we will.

All my videos can be found at my YouTube channel

If anyone would like to use my recordings for their projects, please contact me first by email at Feel free to contact me in any other matter. If someone doesn't like to write e-mails or comments, we might as well arrange an appointment somewhere outdoors, e.g. at dawn in the forest :-)

Let the good energy be with us!